About Us

Our program of study has one main goal—to produce personal teachers. Many in the church will not get involved with outreach because they have not been trained. Therefore, they have not developed their talents in this area; fear usually being the number one culprit. NEIE was developed with the purpose of helping to produce teachers who are comfortable sitting across the table sharing the message of Christ with the lost. Basically, putting it in a few words—NEIE is all about training the average member to be more involved in the service of outreach. See our Vision.

NEIE is what we like to call a 50/50 school. Fifty percent classroom theory, fifty percent outreach. One can be taught the theory of outreach and never actually do it. We challenge them to use what they learn in the classroom as they serve in the field. To help the student with this emphasis we offer them local, out-of- state, and or overseas mission works they can participate in. See our latest outreach effort.

Our motto is: GO AS YOU GROW…GROW AS YOU GO. It is a fact that no one will know everything there is to know about the Bible before they teach someone the message of the Christ. As one preacher put it, “God’s Word is as deep as the ocean, yet shallow enough for a babe to wade in.” So…as you are going with what your learning…you will be growing in the presentation of the message. While you are presenting the gospel, questions will come from those you study with which will draw you back to more study, which causes more growth while you go.

It is a fact that many congregations lack Bible class teachers. Another huge benefit for those that choose NEIE is that they will be better prepared to help in Bible classes. Obviously, with more equipped teachers in a congregation it will help lighten the load of those already doing so, and in turn help to build a stronger fellowship. See our student options and curriculum.